The Quest Academy Program

Quest Academy will provide a safe, challenging learning environment enriched by technology to enable students to be informed, responsible, and contributing citizens. Over the past ten years, our day-to-day encounters with computer technology have increased exponentially. Currently, there are billions of dollars for technology being poured into schools every year. Teachers have access to extensive resources for lesson plans, ideas, and professional networking. Never before have there been such exciting teaching tools.
Student learning occurs over time and in many different ways. This life-long process of learning occurs through active involvement where students are constructing knowledge and making decisions based on a wide variety of information in many different forms. This effective learning occurs when students are required to make decisions, reflect, assess, test, make mistakes, collaborate, and then apply what they have learned. Hands-on, visual, auditory, collaborative learning styles are just a few of the effective student engaging and motivating teaching styles. Instruction through technology requires learning information and applying the new knowledge in meaningful ways. Otherwise, in a more traditional classroom, students memorize information, sometimes without understanding the application of the skill, and then are unable to apply the knowledge or generalize it throughout life. Teachers will model the use of technology in presenting, analyzing, and reflecting on the core curriculum.
QA Mission & Vision

Quest Academy is a technology-focused charter school for grades K-9 in West Haven, Utah. Our mission is to provide students a challenging, technology-rich environment, enabling young citizens to become leaders prepared for the challenges of an evolving global community.