Our world is changing… our information is different... our communication channels are expanding. As parents, we are proposing the school must educate students in a different way to keep pace with a changing world. To live, learn, and work successfully in an increasingly complex and information-rich society, our students must be able to use technology effectively. A technology rich environment provides rich opportunities for students to find and utilize current information and resources, and apply academic skills for solving real-world problems. These environments engage students in activities requiring educational technology skills and relevant educational content. Effective use of technology through curriculum integration into the core subjects within the school setting will enable students to become:

Capable information technology users

  • Information seekers, analyzers, and evaluators
  • Problem solvers and decision makers
  • Creative and effective users of productivity tools
  • Communicators, collaborators, publishers, and producers
  • Informed, responsible, and contributing citizens
QA Mission & Vision

Quest Academy is a technology-focused charter school for grades K-9 in West Haven, Utah. Our mission is to provide students a challenging, technology-rich environment, enabling young citizens to become leaders prepared for the challenges of an evolving global community.